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Frequently Asked Questions

While we highly recommend that you do take the five courses in order, you may attend them in any order that you would like. However, please consider that we have organized the courses as a continuum, and believe that the best experience will come from taking them in the planned order.

Not to worry, if there is a certain course out of your full course enrollment that that does not fit into your schedule, you can simply attend that course whenever or wherever it is offered next. 

To reserve a spot at our MII courses, we kindly ask that you submit a $500 deposit for single course registration and a $1,000 deposit for full course enrollment at the time of your reservation to reserve your seat. We then ask that you pay your remaining balance 45 days prior to your first course arrival date. 

  1. Full refunds with Notice: should you need to cancel your registration, a full refund (excluding the non-refundable deposit, which may be transferred) will be offered for cancellations made at least 31 days in advance of the course start date. 
  2. Deposite Transfers: Deposits may be transferred to another program within one year of the original session date or to the next instance of the same session offered at the same location. Full course deposits may not be changed to apply to individual sessions.
  3. Full Payment Transfers: If you wish to change your course/session, the full payment can be seamlessly transffered to another available course/session. 
  4. No Refunds for Attended Courses: Once a course has been attended, we regret that refunds cannot be issued. 

Early Bird Discounts:

  • Individual Sessions: Register more than 45 days in advance of your chosen session to receive a $500 discount.
  • Full Course Offer: Enroll in the full course more than 45 days prior to Session 1 and enjoy a $3,500 discount.

Full Course Benefits:

  • Course Discount: Registration for all five sessions will automatically receive a $2,500 discount.
  • Misch Mentorship Program: Enrolling in the complete course grants you exclusive access to the year long Misch Mentorship Program (regularly $10,000), a unique opportunity to connect with leading educators and gain invaluable insights.


  • Previous Graduates of the Misch Implant Institute will receive 40% off! ($1600 off/Session)
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