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Misch International Implant Institute

We do not offer any Co-Sponsored or Joint Sponsorship Programs.

10 Day Misch Surgical Courses, 3 Day Prosthetic Courses, CBCT, Complications, and Medical Emergencies.

The Program description and objectives are listed on the website under each of the program topics.

The 10 day surgical programs and 3 day prosthetic programs use lecture and hands on laboratory exercises. All other programs are lecture only

Please visit the exhibit section of the website to see any possible entities that may provide support

Misch Implant Institute Address
12345 Telegraph RD
Taylor, MI 48180
P. 248-642-3199
F. 734-225-7506

Program Cost – One Day $800., 2 Day $3,750

Instructors- Primary Speakers – Dr Carl Misch and Dr Randolph Resnik

Refund Policy – see website page

If any prior requirements are needed or supplies you will be notified at the time of enrollment or be

One Day Programs- 7 CE, 2 Days 18 CE

The MIII will disclose if a activity is promotional and not designated for CDE credit, Listing things as optional.