Prosthetic Session 2 and 3 - Newport Beach, CA

Misch Imlant institue Prosthetics Program

Prosthetic Session 2 and 3 – Newport Beach, CA



Product Description

Prosthetic Course II will cover details of esthetic single-tooth implant restorations and options for fixed prosthesis and short span fixed prosthesis. Implant design rational, treatment planning and the principles of cement prostheses are also presented. Learn how to select the correct abutment for each case based on design and prosthetic options. This course will include several comprehensive case studies demonstrating implant protection during occlusion, joining implants to teeth and crown height space considerations


Prosthetic Course III will cover the completely edentulous implant treatment options for removable and fixed prosthetics. Clinicians will review the generic terminology of implant components and overdentures. Discussion concerning cement vs. screw-in prostheses will cover indications and complications and ways to make the procedures more predictable. Bar design and attachment selection types will be reviewed in detail to provide knowledge of the best restorative option. Each clinician will practice modifying removable prosthetics in a hands-on lab setting. Full arch fixed restorations and step by step prosthetic concepts are also presented..