Advanced Bone Grafting

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January 1, 1111 - 8:00 am


January 1, 1111 - 6:00 pm


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Advanced Bone Grafting


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Course Topics

  • Division B – Bone Spreading and Membranes
  • Division C-w Bone Grafting – Symphysis Monocortical Block Grafts
  • Division B Ramus Harvest Site
  • Ramus Grafts vs. Symphysis Grafts
  • Bone Structure, Biochemistry – Part 1
  • Bone Structure, Biochemistry – Part 2
  • Incisive Foramen Implants
  • Division C-h and D Extraoral Grafts (tibia, ilium)
  • liac Crest Grafts
  • Tibia Grafts
  • Radiographic Interpretation – Treatment Planning
  • Demonstration Surgery
  • Laboratories – Workshops
  • Growth Factors / PRP
  • Transitional Implants

Course Objectives

  • Recognize the 12 different “Keys to Bone Grafting” required for predictable success.
  • Understand soft tissue principles of bone grafting: including flap design, flap extension, soft tissue closure and suturing.
  • Perform site development procedures related to hard tissue healing.
  • Apply biologic factors such as growth factors to the bone graft process.
  • Appreciate the need for a “layered” approach for growth factors involved in large volume bone grafts.
  • Perform methods to increase platelet rich plasma (PRP) and learn the advantages for soft tissue as well as hard tissue on bone grafting.
  • Recognize the advantages for block vs. particulate bone grafts for large defects.
  • Describe the step-by-step procedure for harvesting a ramus and/or body of the mandible for block bone grafts.
  • Understand the impact of defect size and shapes on the bone graft techniques to be selected.
  • Establish the skills and techniques for block fixation necessary for predictable bone grafting.
  • Describe the step-by-step procedure for harvesting a symphysis mono cortical block for bone grafting.
  • Understand the complications – during surgery, immediate post-operative and long term for the harvest site of the ramus and/or symphysis.
  • Learn the difference in a symphysis bone harvest for a single tooth, multiple adjacent teeth, or a bone graft for height.
  • Understand bone structure, physiology and biochemistry involved in bone graft healing.
  • Apply the anatomy of the ramus, symphysis, iliac crest and tibia donor sites to the harvesting of bone for larger defects.
  • Apply the principles of bone grafting to iliac crest bone grafts for edentulous maxillae and mandibles.
  • Observe the step-by-step procedures required to harvest a tibia particulate graft for bone graft for bone grafting.
  • Diagnose and treatment plan partial and edentulous patients for bone grafting and implant reconstruction.
  • Learn the step-by-step procedures necessary for bone spreading in conjunction with implant insertion.
  • Learn to recognize and treat bone grafting procedures complications.
  • Observe many live surgical procedures which require block bone grafting.
  • Perform bone spreading procedures on demonstration models.
  • Perform block harvest and fixation techniques on demonstration models.
  • Understand the ideal implant positions for a completely edentulous maxilla for an implant reconstruction.
  • Observe the step-by-step procedures for placing implants in the incisive foramen for maxillary overdentures.